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Water Pump Prices in Kenya
Water Pumps
Water Pumps Kenya
Water Pumps Kenya

About Water Pumps in Kenya

We are the leaders in supply of renowned water pump brands in the country. Some of the brands in our inventory include Honda, Aico and Tiger water pumps. We have been in the industry for a long time and with our expertise and experience we have the potential to become topliners locally and in the region in supply of water pumps. We offer the best diesel water pumps prices in kenya.

Our company is built on a foundation of trust and honesty which is why many customers keep coming back and recommending us to others. We are obsessed with quality, obsessed with innovation and obsessed with ensuring that our clients get nothing but the best. Our commitment to what we do has continued to fuel us in the journey to becoming the most sought after supplier of water pumps in the country.

We are happy to serve hardworking Kenyans like you and we will keep improving our products and services to meet changing needs and demands. We use a holistic approach when recommending water pumps to our clients where we consider their budget and their topography to get them a water pump that can perform as desired. We have set the highest standards in the industry and intend to continue maintaining them while serving you.

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Water Pumps Price in Kenya

Brand/Model Specs: Head, Suction, Flow rate, Outlet Pipe, HP Power Type Price
AICO ACP50 2", Suction 7m, Head 27m, 23,000litre/hr, 5.5hp Petrol Ksh 16,500
AICO ACP80 3", Suction 7m, Head 27m, 6.5hp Petrol Ksh 17,500
Hisaki Japan HKP20 2", Suction 7m, Head 23m, 30,000L/hr Petrol Ksh 18,500
Hisaki Japan HKP30 3", Suction 7m, Head 28m, 60,000L/hr Petrol Ksh 20,000
AICO ADP90ZDHP 🔥🔥🔥 3", Suction 7m, Head 100m, 16 hp, 42,000L/hr, 1.5km Diesel Ksh 80,000
AICO ACP50H2 High Pressure 2", Suction 8m, Head 90m, Twin Impeller, 7.5hp, 30,000L/hr Petrol Ksh 35,000
Dayliff DC50P 2", Suction 7m, Head 24m, 25,000 litre/hr, 7hp Petrol Ksh 28,500
Dayliff DC80P 3", Suction 7m, Head 24m, 55,000 litre/hr, 7hp Petrol Ksh 32,000
Honda WL20XY 2", Suction 7.5m, Head 32m, 5.5hp Petrol Ksh 44,000
Honda WL30XH 3", Suction 7.5m, Head 23m, 5.5hp Petrol Ksh 46,000
Honda Daishin Japan 2 inch 2", 520l/min, Suction 8m, Head 32m, Honda GX160, 5.5hp Petrol Ksh 47,000
Honda Daishin Japan 3 inch 3", 1000l/min, Suction 8m, Head 32m, Honda GX160, 5.5hp Petrol Ksh 49,000
Koshin Japan 3 inch 3", 1100l/min, Suction 8m, Head 27m, Koshin GX160, 5.5hp Petrol Ksh 48,000
Honda WP20H GX160 2", Suction 7m, Head 75m, 5.8hp Petrol Ksh 55,000
Honda WP20H GX200SX 2",  Suction 7m, Head 90m, 6.2hp Petrol Ksh 60,000
Honda WP40 4", Suction 7m, Head 31m, 8.5hp, 85,000L/Hr Petrol Ksh 85,000
Koshin Japan 2", Suction 7m, Head 27m, 5.5hp Petrol Ksh 35,000
Pacwell LT30hd High Pressure 3", Suction 8m, Head 60m, 40,000ltr/hr Diesel Ksh 82,000
Pacwell LT20hd High Pressure 2", Suction 7m, Head 65m Diesel Ksh 68,000
Pacwell 80kb 2", Suction 7m, Head 23m Diesel Ksh 55,000
American Standard™ GAM90ZDHP 3", Suction 8m, Head 100M, 42,000L/Hr, 1.5km, 16hp, Diesel Diesel Ksh 88,000
AICO ADP30HL Diesel High Pressure Water Pump 3", Suction 7m, Head 100m, 10hp, 40,000ltr/hr Diesel Ksh 85,000
AICO ADP65-55 Diesel High Pressure Water Pump 2", Suction 7m, Head 85m, 10hp, 45,000ltr/hr,4hp Diesel Ksh 58,000
Hisaki HKP50H2 High Pressure 🔥 2", Suction 7m, Head 90m, 30,000ltr/hr Petrol Ksh 38,000
Pedrollo PKm60 1", Head 38m, 40L/min, 0.5hp Electric Ksh 10,500
Pedrollo PKm65 1", Head 55m, 50L/min, 0.75hp Electric Ksh 21,000
Pedrollo CPm158 1", Head 36m, 90L/min, 1.0hp Electric Ksh 27,000
AICO Akp60 1", Head 36m, 40L/min, 0.5hp Electric Ksh 5,000
AICO Akp70 1", Head 55m, 50L/min, 0.75hp Electric Ksh 7,000
AICO Akp80 1", Head 36m, 90L/min, 1.0hp Electric Ksh 9,500
AICO Akp200 2", Head 23m, 300L/min, 2.0hp Electric Ksh 28,000
AICO Akp300 2", Head 23m, 420L/min, 3.0hp Electric Ksh 34,000
AICO Akcp200 1 1/4", Head 62m, 250L/min, 4.0hp Electric Ksh 48,000, Ksh 50,000 (3 Phase)
AICO 0.5hp deep well  Submersible 0.5hp, 4800L/Hr, Head 80M Max Electric Ksh 22,000
AICO 1.0hp deep well  Submersible 1hp, 4800L/Hr Head 150m Max Electric Ksh 28,000
AICO 2.0hp deep well  Submersible 2hp, 4800L/Hr, Head 210M Max Electric Ksh 32,000
AICO 3.0hp deep well  Submersible 3hp, 4800L/Hr, Head 220M Max Electric Ksh 35,000
AICO 0.5hp Shallow-well  Submersible 0.5hp, Head 17M Max Electric Ksh 18,000
AICO 0.75hp Shallow-well  Submersible 0.75hp, Head 25M Max Electric Ksh 20,000
AICO 1.0hp Shallow-well  Submersible 1.0hp, Head 32M Max Electric Ksh 22,000
AICO QDX6-39 2.0hp Shallow-well Heavy Duty  Submersible 2.0hp, Head 32M Max, 3" Electric Ksh 42,000
AICO QDX6-50 3.0hp Shallow-well Heavy Duty  Submersible 3.0hp, Head 50M Max, 3" Electric Ksh 48,000
AICO SEP 800 1.0hp Submersible Sewage/Trash Pumps Submersible 1.0hp, Head 16M Max, 2" Electric Ksh 38,000
AICO SEP 1100 1.5hp Submersible Sewage/Trash Pumps Submersible 1.5hp, Head 19M Max, 2" Electric Ksh 42,000
AICO SEP 1500 2.0hp Submersible Sewage/Trash Pumps Submersible 2.0hp, Head 23M Max, 2" Electric Ksh 48,000

Suction Pipes

2 inch. Price Ksh 500 per meter
3 inch. Price Ksh 800 per meter

Delivery Pipes

2 inch. 30 meters long: Price Ksh 6,500
2 inch. 100 meters long: Price Ksh 13,500

3 inch. 30 meters long: Price Ksh 7,500
3 inch. 100 meters long: Price Ksh 14,500

Rain Gun Sprinkler

AICO 2" Rain gun sprinkler (60 Metre Coverage Radius) - Ksh 14,000/=
AICO 2.5" Rain gun sprinkler (60 Metre Coverage Radius) - Ksh 15,000/=
AICO 3" Rain gun sprinkler (70 Metre Coverage Radius) - Ksh 17,000/=

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Aico Water Pump Kenya
Irrigation Water Pumps for Sale in Kenya
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Aico Water Pump Kenya
Irrigation Water Pumps for Sale in Kenya
Tiger Water Pump Brand
Pedrollo Water Pump Brand

Choosing The Best

Water Pumps in Kenya

You need a new water pump either for home use or for business. Just like with any other purchase, you start your journey online and realize choosing a water pump will not be as easy as you thought. When choosing a water pump, care should be taken so you do not end up paying lots of money for a pump you do not need. It is therefore essential that you consider your needs before even checking for the water pump prices in Kenya.

Knowing what your needs are will determine the features of the pump that will be important to you and consequently how much you should pay for the pump. There are many different models, makes and brands of pumps you will find in the Kenyan market. So how do you choose?

Here are some of the features you should be on the lookout for;

Flow rate

The flow rate of the pump is measured in m3/h (cubic meters per hour) or GPM (gallons per minute). The flow rate represents how much water the pump is able to deliver in a given duration. The higher the flow rate the more water the pump will deliver in the given duration. Pumps with a high flow rate consequently also have a higher power to manage the high needs.


The amount of power you need is determined by two things; first the amount of water you need pumped in a certain duration (flow rate) and the kind of liquid you will be pumping. Clean water for instance is lighter and easier to move than sewage water or sludge. The type of water to move also determines the kind of pump you will need and the construction of the pump.


As you consider everything else, the quality of water pumps in Kenya is quite important. You should only invest in a water pump from renowned brands like Honda and Aico. These brands have been around for a long time and are tested and proven to work in a wide range of applications. If you do not know which brand to invest in, we can help you choose the best water pump and also we offer our products at the best water pump prices in Kenya.

The suction and discharge head

Suction and discharge head are other features of water pumps in Kenya that you need to consider. The suction head is the height between the inlet and the pump. The discharge head is the maximum height reached by the discharge pipe from the pump or the distance between the pump and the outlet. The suction and discharge head sizes differ from one brand to the other or one type of pump to another.

Total dynamic head and pressure of the pump

Different pumps also acquire different levels of pressure. Pressure is proportional to the flow rate and the power of the pump. The total dynamic head is a measure of the maximum head in consideration to frictional losses. The maximum head of the pump is the maximum height that the pump can pump the water to. It is usually a combination of the suction and pressure head distances. When power loss through friction has been considered, then it becomes the total dynamic head.

Different types of water pumps for sale in Kenya

There are many different types of pumps available for sale in Kenya. They can be categorized into the different groups based on their mode of operation, how they are powered and also what they are made for. The different type of pump you need is mostly determined by what kind of media you will be pumping.

1. Types of pumps based on mode of operation

Based on the mode of operation, water pumps for sale in Kenya can be categorized as;

  • Centrifugal pumps – they are the most common and suck on liquid through a paddle wheel
  • Diaphragm pumps – they suck in the liquid through oscillation of a diaphragm
  • Piston pumps – they use movement of one or more pistons to suck liquid in to the inlet
  • Peristaltic pumps – these use rollers to compress a pipe creating a pressure drop. Water is then pushed up the pipe where the pressure is lower.
  • Gear pumps – these use pinions rotating in different directions to push water into the inlet.

2. Types of pumps based on specific functions

There are also water pumps made to perform specific functions. These pumps have specific features that make them best suited for those functions.

  • Submersible pumps
  • Lift pumps
  • Lubrication pumps
  • Drum pumps
  • Metering pumps
  • Sump pumps

3. Types of pumps based on how they are powered

Pumps may also be put into broad categories based on what provides power. The categories here include;

  • Diesel / petrol pumps – these are the most common and highly preferred pumps. The diesel pumps are the most powerful and can be used in sites where electricity is not available making them ideal for farming, construction and other such uses.
  • Solar pumps – as the name suggests they are powered by solar energy. They are not the most powerful pumps. However, with these pumps, operational costs are kept at a minimum.
  • Electric pumps – these are powered through the mains electricity. They are usually designed for small tasks and DIY activities.

How can we help?

Buying the wrong pump can lead to loss of money. We can help you to choose the right water pump for the needs that you have. Further, we will help you choose between the many different brands in the country and land the best in the category you need. Most people that come to use only want to buy a water pump based on the water pump prices in Kenya.

We will help you to get down to the specifics of what the different pumps offer and therefore you can land a pump that will give you the value for money that you are looking for.

Choosing a water pump can be a daunting task. You might end up paying too much for a pump you do not need or worse still end up with a pump that cannot meet your needs. Talk to the pump experts in Kenya before making your investment. We know pumps and have the best brands in stock for you.