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3 Inch water pipe price in Kenya

3 inch water pipe price in Kenya

For your irrigation system to work properly, it must have properly sized pipes based on the size of your project and the number of plants. The 3 inch water pipe is ideal for medium sized to big projects. The 3 inch water pipe price in Kenya depends mainly on the material or overall quality of the pipe.

The 3 inch water pipe is usually used directly after the source of the water. This is because the three inch diameter allows the pipe to easily hold the bulk of the water that is heading out to your greenhouse or outdoor farm to irrigate the crops. This is important because it eliminates the chances of reducing the water pressure before it flows to the smaller pipes and enters your garden.

With a big 3 inch water pipe, you are able to add quite a number of lateral lines going in to the garden without significantly lowering the pressure. This means water is passed on more effectively through the system.

Further, choosing the large 3 inch water pipe gives you a lot of flexibility in the future. You will not need to buy another pipe if you increase the number of crops or farm more land. Therefore, the 3 inch water pipe price in Kenya that you pay now will be worth it in the future when you decide to expand.

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