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AICO Water Pumps

Aico Water Pumps in Kenya

Aico Water Pumps in Kenya

One of the water pump brands known for a perfect blend of quality and affordability is the Aico water pumps in Kenya. The Aico brand has been in the country for a long time and is a common brand amongst many small scale farmers.

But besides the prices, the Aico brand is also a favorite because of the features that it provides. First of all is the power. The company has a wide range of pumps offering different power levels. For instance, you can get the 10HP Aico water pump in Kenya with a 65m head. This pump is ideal for irrigation and other purposes where the source is quite far.

Their pumps are also mostly diesel driven. Diesel pumps are known for efficiency and high power outputs. What's more, diesel is quite affordable in the country so your expenses in running the pump are greatly reduced. It's a win for you with Aico water pumps.

There are also submersible electric pumps from Aico. Running on single phase 240V power, these pumps are able to produce 1HP of power producing a flow rate of up to 80 liters per minute at 12m and 35 l/min at 80m maximum head.

Besides power, Aico water pumps are also known for their durability. These pumps are specifically made for our market and therefore can withstand the tough conditions in sites where they are needed. From construction sites to agricultural use, the Aico water pumps in Kenya are tough and versatile.

Their pumps are made of a mix of quality materials including stainless steel and cast iron and given an epoxy electro coating for that stylish yet durable finish. For electric pumps, they have a motor with thermal overload protection ensuring that your motor will not overload and burn.

Aico water pumps are also made with your health in mind. If you are looking for a water pump for clean water, the pumps do not contain any chemicals that could harm humans after consuming or using the water.

Submersible and other electric Aico water pumps in Kenya come with state of the art safety features so you can rest easy. For instance they have the IP X4 protection and class F insulation. This makes it easy to use Aico pumps in any conditions without worrying about your safety.

Aico water pumps suppliers in Kenya

Are your looking to invest in the Aico water pumps in Kenya? Then you are in safe hands with us. We are a renowned and prominent supplier of the Aico brand in the country. We are specialists in supply of water pumps only and therefore we are properly positioned to help you choose a good water pump for your needs.

When you are planning to buy a water pump, the need for a reliable supplier doesn't end when you make the purchase. It goes on further to when you need repairs or you need to troubleshoot your water pump in case of any eventualities. You can rely on us to continue being with you many years down the line when you need our support.