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Borehole Pumps Kenya

Aico Water Pump Kenya
Irrigation Water Pumps for Sale in Kenya
Irrigation Water Pumps for Sale in Kenya

Borehole water pump price in kenya

AICO 0.5hp deep well  Submersible 0.5hp, 4800L/Hr, Head 80M Max Electric Ksh 22,000
AICO 1.0hp deep well  Submersible 1hp, 4800L/Hr Head 150m Max Electric Ksh 28,000
AICO 2.0hp deep well  Submersible 2hp, 4800L/Hr, Head 210M Max Electric Ksh 32,000
AICO 3.0hp deep well  Submersible 3hp, 4800L/Hr, Head 220M Max Electric Ksh 35,000
AICO 0.5hp Shallow-well  Submersible 0.5hp, Head 17M Max Electric Ksh 18,000
AICO 0.75hp Shallow-well  Submersible 0.75hp, Head 25M Max Electric Ksh 20,000
AICO 1.0hp Shallow-well  Submersible 1.0hp, Head 32M Max Electric Ksh 22,000
AICO QDX6-39 2.0hp Shallow-well Heavy Duty  Submersible 1.0hp, Head 32M Max, 3" Electric Ksh 42,000
AICO QDX6-50 3.0hp Shallow-well Heavy Duty  Submersible 1.0hp, Head 50M Max, 3" Electric Ksh 48,000

Borehole Water Pump Prices in Kenya

After you have competed drilling a borehole, the next step is thinking about how you will draw water from it. You can decide to do it manually using a rope but this method only works when you do not need a lot of water. When you are depending on the borehole water a lot, then investing a borehole pump is the way to go.

If you want to get value out of the borehole you have dug, then you must get the right pump for it. This is the only way you can draw water from the borehole with ease. Before you can consider the borehole pump prices in Kenya, it is best that you first know whether the pump is right for your needs.

Investing in a bigger pump than you need is a waste of money in the long run. If you skimp on quality and get a cheap model, the lifetime value you get from the pump will not be worthwhile. Therefore before you get down to choosing the borehole pump here are some considerations to have in mind;

Desire flow rate and pressure – how much flow rate and pressure you will need will be dependent on how you will be using the water from the borehole. Are you looking to fill a tank before the water can be distributed for use? Are you looking to use the water directly for irrigating your farm? What type of irrigation will you be doing? It is important that you have the main use of the borehole water in mind when considering the pressure and flow rate you need. Some applications require high pressure while others will require high flow rates.

Pumping distance – this is really important consideration to have in mind. The water will start from deep in a borehole, pumped up vertically, moved through a certain horizontal length and then maybe up vertically again to a water tank. If you are getting water from a deep borehole you will need to invest in a really powerful borehole pump. The more power you desire, the higher the borehole pump price in Kenya.

You should also consider the elevation from the top of the borehole to where the water will end up. Also, what is the horizontal distance that the water needs to travel from the top of the borehole to where it is needed or before it starts the vertical elevation to the tank.

We can help you get the best borehole pump

A borehole pump is a big investment for many people and therefore it requires a reliable partner to walk you through the journey. That is what we offer to our valuable clients. We are suppliers of quality and innovative borehole pumps in the country. We have been doing this for long and have installed borehole pumps for many Kenyans.

We have desirable experience and expertise to help you choose the right borehole pump for your needs. We eliminate guess work from the equation. Further, we will always be available to give you the support you need post purchase. Contact us today for more information.