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Delivery Pipes Prices in Kenya

Delivery Pipes Prices

2 inch. 30 meters long: Price Ksh 6,500
2 inch. 100 meters long: Price Ksh 13,500
3 inch. 30 meters long: Price Ksh 7,500
3 inch. 100 meters long: Price Ksh 14,500

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The delivery pipes prices in Kenya varies depending on the size and the quality of the delivery pipes. The quality of the pipes is mostly determined by the materials used to make it. The best quality delivery pipes are made of PVC while there are others made of canvas.

To ensure you are getting the right delivery pipes, you also need to check the pressure ratings of the pipe. High pressure rating means that the pipe is made to endure high pressures from the pump you are using which consequently means they are made using high quality materials and fittings.

The delivery pipes prices in Kenya also varies with the supplier you are using. It is common knowledge that if you want to enjoy the best prices, you should get a supplier that specializes in supply of pipes and fittings. That is where we come in. We are specialists in supply of delivery pipes from leading local and international manufacturers.

As direct and recommended suppliers of our pipes, we are able to offer you the best delivery pipes prices in Kenya. We only stock pipes that are UV treated therefore they are able to withstand UV radiations without becoming prone to cracks.

Our pipes are designed with portability and versatility in mind. They can be used in agriculture, in industries and with pumps among other uses. They are lightweight and easy to carry around and use. We have rolls of different lengths like 50M, 75M and 100M and different thicknesses including 2", 3" and 4" so you can choose the size that best works for you.

We are here to ensure you get nothing but the best. Browse our wide range of delivery pipes and place your order today to enjoy the best delivery pipes prices in Kenya.