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Diesel water pumps prices in kenya {High pressure diesel water pump kenya}

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Diesel Water Pump price in Kenya

Brand Specification PRICE (Ksh)
AICO ADP30HL 3 ", Suction 7m, Head 100m, 40,000 L/hr, 10hp, High pressure Ksh 85,000
Pacwell LT30hd 3", Suction 7m, Head 70m, 40,000 L/hr, 10hp, High pressure Ksh 82,000
Pacwell LT20hd 2", Suction 7m, Head 65m, High pressure Ksh 68,000
Pacwell 80kb 2", Suction 7m, Head 23m, Normal pressure Ksh 55,000
AICO ADP15H2 High Pressure Water Pump 1.5 ", Suction 7m, Head 80m, 20,000 L/hr, 7hp, High pressure, Diesel Ksh 75,000
🔥🔥🔥 American Standard ADP90ZDHP High Pressure Water Pump 3 ", 16hp, Suction 8m, Head 100m, 42,000 L/hr, 1.5km Ksh 88,000

When choosing a water pump, you can either go with an electric engine or a fuel powered one. The fuel powered water pumps usually run on diesel because of the low cost of diesel and the high power it achieves. Well, if you are looking for diesel water pumps in Kenya then you will notice that they come at different prices. The diesel water pump prices in Kenya vary depending on the features and the brand of the water pump.

The renowned brands in manufacture of diesel water pumps produce quality pumps that last long and offer superior performance. As such, expect to pay a bit more for such brands. There are other lower quality brands entering the market that do not offer the best experience. Usually these pumps cost less but they might not offer you the performance you are looking for. As such, it is always best to do your due diligence when you are purchasing diesel water pumps in Kenya.

But, settling for the right brand to buy from is the first step in your journey to investing in a diesel water pump. You should also ensure that you work with a reputable supplier. Also, buying your diesel water pump from a reputable supplier ensures you enjoy the best diesel water pumps prices in Kenya. This is where we come in. We are a recommended supplier of some of the best brands of diesel water pumps in Kenya. Browse our wide variety of brands or contact us today to talk to an expert that will guide you on the best diesel water pump to invest in.

There features of the pump also account for the diesel water pumps prices in Kenya. If you are investing in a feature filled water pump, expect to pay a bit more than if you were to get a basic water pump lacking in many of the features. There are many modern features you will find in quality water pumps that enhance usability, efficiency, safety and performance of the pump.

The diesel driven water pumps are a favorite for many people because they are quicker and more powerful than many of the electric pumps available out there. They are suitable for industrial, agricultural and commercial use because they offer more muscle. As such, they are able to handle large scale projects and tough jobs with ease. If you have a project that requires you to move colossal amounts of water, then investing in a diesel water pump is the way to go.

If you would like to invest in a quality and reliable diesel water pump at the best diesel water pumps price in Kenya, then we can help you. As credible and reliable suppliers of water pumps in the country we are very well positioned to provide you the best quality water pumps at the best prices. We know water pumps well and we will help you to choose a water pump that will work wonders for you. Contact us to learn more.