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High Pressure Water Pump Kenya

High Pressure Water Pump

A high pressure water pump is ideal for use in many situations where you need to pump water at high pressures. It can be used with nozzles for cleaning, can be used for irrigation, firefighting, in industries, for rotating generators, and other such tasks where you would need to eject water at high pressures. High pressure water pumps in Kenya come in different types including fuel driven, electric motor driven and centrifugal. The choice is yours. The high pressure water pump price in Kenya differs between different brands and types of pumps.

High pressure water pumps for sale in Kenya

We are legit and prominent suppliers of high pressure water pumps in Kenya. We have been in business for over a decade supplying high quality brands that many people in the country have come to love and rely on. While we have a wide variety of high pressure water pumps for sale, we cannot fail to mention the Kato water pumps in our inventory.

Kato Water pumps for sale in Kenya

Kato water pumps are reliable and come with high power engines that provide the high pressure you are looking for. Due to these powerful and reliable engines, Kato water pumps are able to not only pump water with high pressures but also to get water far. They are therefore suitable for use in situations where the source of water is far from the destination required.

Kato water pumps are ideal for use in many industrial, commercial and even residential settings. These pumps are made to last. They are known to last for long even when they have to be put to hours of use daily. This means that when you buy Kato water pumps, you are assured of getting a return on your investment. What’s more, you do not lose more money on fixing a failing pump because these pumps rarely fail. The craftsmanship on these machines is just amazing.

The materials used on the Kato water pumps are iron cast and aluminum die cast to ensure longevity and durability. These pumps are able to achieve up to 120 GPM (gallons per minute) flow rate which is quite impressive. The pressure attained varies from one pump to the next but expect to achieve high pressures even 100 PSI. You therefore get reliable flow and high pressure to keep you going.

We also have other high pressure water pumps from top international and local manufacturers. We have made it our business to bring to you these pumps at the most affordable high pressure water pump price in Kenya. This is because we import directly from the manufacturers and sell to you the end user. No third parties. As certified suppliers you can trust that we deliver these pumps to you at recommended prices.

Browse our wide inventory of high pressure water pumps in Kenya and invest with us. As you can see our inventory is composed of only superior quality products that have been time tested and shown to work. Place your order today.