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Honda Water Pump Prices in Kenya

Honda Water Pump Prices in Kenya
Honda Water Pump Prices in Kenya
Honda Water Pump Prices in Kenya

Honda Water Pump price in Kenya

Model Specification PRICE (Ksh)
Honda WL20XY 2", Suction 7.5m, Head 32m, 5.5hp, 670 litre/min, Ksh 44,000
Honda WL30XH 3", Suction 7.5m, Head 23m, Honda GP160, 5.5hp, 1100 litre/min, Ksh 46,000
Honda Daishin Japan 2 inch 2", Suction 8m, Head 32m, 520 litre/min, Honda GX160, 5.5hp Ksh 47,000
Honda Daishin Japan 3 inch 3", Suction 8m, Head 32m, 1000 litre/min, Honda GX160, 5.5hp Ksh 49,000
Honda WP20H GX200SX (High Pressure) Suction 7m, Head 90m, 6.2hp, 585 litre/min, Ksh 60,000
Honda WP20H GX160 (High Pressure) 2", Suction 7m, Head 75m, 5.8hp, 333 litre/min, Ksh 55,000
Honda WP40 4", Suction 7m, Head 31m, 8.5hp, 85,000 Litre/Hr, Ksh 85,000

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If you are in the market for a water pump, then you must have come across the Honda water pumps in Kenya. Honda is one of the best known brands globally when it comes to manufacture of water pumps. The company has been making generators, engines and other related machinery for over a century. This therefore is quality that you can trust.

Why consider Honda water pumps in Kenya

Honda is a globally known engine manufacturer and therefore they know how to build water pumps for exceptional performance. Here are some of the features you expect to enjoy from a Honda water pump;

Variety – As a leading manufacturer, Honda offers a wide variety of water pumps for you to choose from. They have everything from submersible pumps, centrifugal pumps, lift pumps, multipurpose pumps and everything else. With Honda, you have everything you need.

Availability of spare parts – Honda pumps have been around in the country for a long time. There are many technicians locally that specialize specifically in repair of Honda water pumps. This is great because it means that even as your pump ages it will continue to serve you since you can get quality repairs and spare parts locally.

However, we can assure you that it will be many years since your Honda pump needs repairs provided you are using the pump for the right purpose and as recommended. Why? This brings us to the next reason why you should consider Honda water pumps in Kenya….

Quality and reliability – the quality of Honda water pumps is quite unmatched. The entire pump is made using quality materials and made to last for long. But that is not all, when you invest in a Honda water pump you are sure that you have a pump you can rely on. Honda pumps do not keep breaking down or stopping unnecessarily when you need them to be running. With Honda you get a pump that you can rely on day in, day out even when you need to keep going for extended periods of time.

Powerful engines - did we mention the power of worldwide renowned Honda engines? It is important to reiterate that fact here. Honda water pumps come with a powerful and legendary 4-stroke engine that works hard for you. These engines are easy to start and provide exceptional power for even the most difficult work conditions.

But that is not all, Honda engines come with innovative features that ensure you get good fuel efficiency, silent operation and reliability.

The best Honda water pump dealers in Kenya

When it comes to supply of Honda water pumps in Kenya, no other supplier gives you the level of support that we do. We specialize in supply of water pumps only and therefore we understand our pumps well. What's more, when you place your order with us, you enjoy unmatched support many years down the line.

We also avail our products with an industry leading warranty for our clients. We ensure that you make the best use of your investment and get sure value for your money.