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Hose pipe prices Nairobi

Honda Water Pump Prices in Kenya
Honda Water Pump Prices in Kenya
Honda Water Pump Prices in Kenya

Hose Pipe Prices (Braided)

1/2 inch x 50 metres -> Ksh 6,000/=
1/2 inch x 25 metres -> Ksh 3,700/=

3/4 inch x 50 metres -> Ksh 8,000/=
3/4 inch x 25 metres-> Ksh 5,000/=

1 inch x 50 metres -> Ksh 9,500/=
1 inch x 25 metres -> Ksh 6,000/=

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A good hose pipe is a must have in many homesteads and especially in Nairobi where water problems are common and you have to collect water in Jeri-cans, buckets and drums. Due to the high demand, hose pipe prices in Nairobi can be a bit high but you do not have to pay more than you should.

We are reliable and credible suppliers of high quality reinforced hose pipes that will last you a long time. Whether you will be using the hose pipe daily or occasionally, our high quality pipes will not break easily when pushed into the tap or into a sprinkler.

If you are choosing a hose pipe for irrigation purposes, then quality is a consideration you must have. For irrigation you might have to consider the number of layers the hose pipe is made of, whether it is reinforced or braided, the length, whether it is expandable, and also if it comes in a reel or cart.

Choosing a good hose pipe is not as obvious as most people think. This is because there are many products that vary to the extreme in terms of quality but not so much in terms of price. Therefore, the hose pipe prices Nairobi can be misleading. You would think that a hose pipe that varies just slightly in price with another would also be of near or same quality but you would be wrong.

As such, when purchasing a hose pipe, it is best to deal with reliable suppliers or dealers that can be able to give you affordable hose pipe prices in Nairobi. Place your order today for the best hose pipes at affordable prices.