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Irrigation Pipes Price in Kenya

Irrigation Pipes Price in Kenya

The irrigation pipes prices in Kenya vary depending on the size and the length of the pipes. Longer pipes with big diameters cost more than smaller and shorter pipes do. Also, not all irrigation pipes are made equal. Some are better quality than others which means they might cost more initially, but they are great value for money in the long run.

Are you looking for quality irrigation pipes for sale in Kenya? We can help you make a good investment in irrigation pipes. We are experts in providing reliable pipes for setting up irrigation systems. Whether you have low flow rate (pressure) or high flow rate, our strong and durable irrigation pipes will serve you really well.

Further, since we are specialists in irrigation pipes, we have extensive knowledge about our products and we are able to offer unbeatable irrigation pipes prices in Kenya.

We offer a wide variety of irrigation pipes in Kenya so you can always choose pipes based on the type of irrigation you intend to carry out. Some of the irrigation pipes you will find with us include the following;

Drip irrigation pipes

Drip irrigation is one of the most common in the country. This is because of the high efficiency of the drip irrigation system to deliver water and nutrients to the crops. Drip irrigation delivers water directly to the root zone of the plant and at the right amount. This reduces water wastage.

With drip irrigation system a farmer is able to save on water while ensuring plants grow optimally. The drip irrigation pipes prices in Kenya may seem high when you are making the initial investment, but the return on investment is worth it in the long run.

Other advantages of the drip irrigation water systems include;

  • It works well with low pressure irrigation systems.
  • Delivers water and nutrients enough for optimal growth of the plants so no wastage.
  • The soil is not saturated and therefore it remains very well aerated.
  • There are higher consistency quality yields.
  • Reduces dependency on weather patterns to offer better stability and reduce risks for the farmer.

We make it extremely easy for farmers of all levels to install drip irrigation systems. This is because of the great irrigation pipes prices in Kenya we offer for drip irrigation pipes. Get our drip irrigation pipes today.

Rain hose irrigation

Rain hose irrigation entails watering crops at moderate pressure. The long pipe used in the system is sequentially perforated using laser technology. Laser technology is used to create micro-holes through which water seeps to the plants when needed.

We have rain hose irrigation kits for sale with 100M long pipes. Our kits come complete with all the required accessories to make it easy for you to setup the rain hose irrigation system. Plus, we are offering the best irrigation pipes prices in Kenya for our rain hose irrigation kits.

Contact us today if you want to take up this new irrigation system and we will create a bespoke solution for your needs.