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Pedrollo Water Pump in Kenya

Are you in the market for a pedrollo water pump? You have made the right decision. Pedrollo is a reliable brand with powerful water pumps suitable for both domestic and commercial uses. The Pedrollo water pump price in Kenya varies between the different brands they have on sale and the features. Two great Pedrollo models that cannot go without mention are the Pedrollo PKM 60 and the Pedrollo CPM 158.

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Pedrollo PKM60 0.5hp - Price Ksh 10,500

Pedrollo Water Pump

The Pedrollo PKM60 is a reliable water pump suitable made specifically for domestic use and in small scale projects. But do not take this pump as a weak one. It comes installed with a brushless motor that allows for continuous operation for as long as you need the pump to keep going. The body is made of cast iron with the impeller and front housing insert made of brass.

The brass insert enhances the starting performance of the pump and protects it from jamming. We all hate noisy pumps that can be a nuisance especially when used near homes. With the Pedrollo PKM60 you do not have to worry about noise. The pump has quiet operation thanks to the anti-vibration system installed between the shaft and the impeller.

Operation of the pump is smooth and impressive. It offers low power consumption keeping your expenses to the minimum. It operates at a low temperature too which ensures high efficiency.

Pedrollo PKM65 0.7hp - Price Ksh 21,000

Pedrollo CPM158 1.0hp - Price Ksh 27,000

Pedrollo Water Pump

The Pedrollo CPM158 is another great water pump suitable for domestic, agricultural and industrial use. This highly versatile pump also comes with a brushless motor that is made for continuous operation. The motor has a speed of 2900rpm. These pumps are great for automatic pressurized supply where they can be connected to a surge tank.

The Pedrollo CPM158 pumps are made for superior performance and longevity. With the cast iron body with brass alloy impellers you can be sure your pump will last you long and work as required. They also come with the anti-vibration technology that ensures quiet operation. This pump is able to produce 7500 Watts of power and attain 7m maximum suction lift.

There are many other Pedrollo pump models that we have in stock. We can help you choose the best pump for your needs and budget. Our professionals will walk you through the features and benefits of each pump that are suited to your needs. The PKM 60 and CPM 158 however are some of the best pumps you will find for domestic and commercial uses.

With us you do not have to worry about the Pedrollo water pump price in Kenya because we deliver at the best prices. We are a recommended supplier of the Pedrollo brand and as such you can rest assured that you are buying the genuine brand. We also do deliveries countrywide for those clients that are not in Nairobi. You can contact us today for more information or to speak to an expert about your pump needs.