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Rain gun sprinkler for sale in Kenya - Rain gun price in Kenya

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Rain Gun Price in Kenya

Brand & Size Coverage (Radius) Price Ksh
AICO 2" Rain gun sprinkler 60 Metre Ksh 14,000
AICO 2.5" Rain gun sprinkler 60 Metre Ksh 15,000
AICO 3" Rain gun sprinkler 70 Metre Ksh 17,000

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Looking for rain gun sprinkler for sale in Kenya? If yes, then you are at the right place. Rain gun sprinklers are designed to help farmers that want to use the overhead sprinkler irrigation system on large pieces of land. A sprinkler gun can achieve a wetting radius of up to 60 meters making it quite effective for largescale irrigation.

When choosing between rain gun sprinklers for sale in Kenya, check for the adjustable jet breaker feature. This feature allows you to adjust the droplet size and the impact of the water so that sensitive or small crops are not affected.

Further, to decide between rain gun sprinklers for sale in Kenya, check whether the product comes with interchangeable nozzles. The nozzles allow you to irrigate all types of soils, different types of crops and crops at different stages of growth. The operating pressure of the rain gun sprinkler is another important factor to have in mind.

Rain guns are available in six different types. These are; Skipper, mariner, Impact, penguin pelican, triangular spacing and flamingo rain gun. Too many choices for you? Not to worry. We are experts in rain guns and very well positioned to help you choose the right rain gun for your needs.

Look no further for high quality rain guns. We are agents or dealers of the brands we hold and therefore we can offer our clients the best rain gun sprinkler price in Kenya. Do not hesitate to place your order today.