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Submersible Water Pumps Kenya

Aico Water Pump Kenya
Irrigation Water Pumps for Sale in Kenya
Irrigation Water Pumps for Sale in Kenya

Submersible water pump price in kenya

AICO 0.5hp deep well  Submersible 0.5hp, 4800L/Hr, Head 80M Max Electric Ksh 22,000
AICO 1.0hp deep well  Submersible 1hp, 4800L/Hr Head 150m Max Electric Ksh 28,000
AICO 2.0hp deep well  Submersible 2hp, 4800L/Hr, Head 210M Max Electric Ksh 32,000
AICO 3.0hp deep well  Submersible 3hp, 4800L/Hr, Head 220M Max Electric Ksh 35,000
AICO 0.5hp Shallow-well  Submersible 0.5hp, Head 17M Max Electric Ksh 18,000
AICO 0.75hp Shallow-well  Submersible 0.75hp, Head 25M Max Electric Ksh 20,000
AICO 1.0hp Shallow-well  Submersible 1.0hp, Head 32M Max Electric Ksh 22,000
AICO 1.2hp Shallow-well. Stainless Steel  Submersible 1.2hp, 90L/Min, Head 35M Max Electric Ksh 32,000
AICO QDX6-39 2.0hp Shallow-well Heavy Duty  Submersible 1.0hp, Head 32M Max, 3" Electric Ksh 42,000
AICO QDX6-50 3.0hp Shallow-well Heavy Duty  Submersible 1.0hp, Head 50M Max, 3" Electric Ksh 48,000
AICO SEP 800 1.0hp Submersible Sewage/Trash Pumps Submersible 1.0hp, Head 16M Max, 2" Electric Ksh 38,000
AICO SEP 1100 1.5hp Submersible Sewage/Trash Pumps Submersible 1.5hp, Head 19M Max, 2" Electric Ksh 42,000
AICO SEP 1500 2.0hp Submersible Sewage/Trash Pumps Submersible 2.0hp, Head 23M Max, 2" Electric Ksh 45,000

Submersible Pump in Kenya

If you want to source water directly from a well, river or pond, a submersible pump will work wonders for you. It is different from a surface pump in that this one is completely submerged into the water that you are pumping. They are ideal for use in irrigation and when you need to redirect or channel water into another place.

Advantages of using a submersible pump

You could be wondering why you should invest in a submersible water pump. Here are some of the advantages you will enjoy from these pumps.

1. Less noise
Since they are completely submerged in the water, the sounds and vibrations from the submersible water pumps are absorbed and muffled by the surrounding water. If you do not like how loud water pumps can be, then you should consider investing in a submersible water pump.

2. Greater depth
Submersible water pumps can be used to draw water from deep sources and are usually powered to raise water from such depths. They are suitable for use even in depths of 10meters down the water level. With this you are assured that you can raise water even when the depths of the source are failing unlike when using a surface pump.

3. Smooth operation
Surface pumps are prone to priming problems. These problems occur when air gets sucked and trapped in the pump. With the submersible pump, the pressure of the water around the pump makes it impossible for air to be sucked into the pump as it draws water. This ensures a smooth and continuous operation of the pump.

4. No overheating problems
The water around the pump is a good cooler for the pump when it overheats. Submersible water pumps therefore are not prone to overheating problems like other air cooled and water cooled water pumps that do not work in water.

Submersible pump prices in Kenya

When it comes to the cost of the submersible pump, various factors come into play. The power and performance of the pump is one such factor. Very powerful submersible pumps with a high maximum head cost more than those with a small maximum head. Another factor that will affect the submersible pump prices in Kenya is the supplier you use. Some suppliers sell their items at higher prices than others. It is best therefore to deal directly with an approved supplier of the submersible pump you are interested in.

We are direct suppliers of the best submersible pump brands like Honda, Aico and Tiger. You can rely on us for quality pumps at the best submersible pump prices in Kenya.

Why buy your submersible pump from us?

We only stock high quality pumps and the latest ones in the market so you enjoy the most innovative features available. We are also specialists in water pumps and therefore we understand the products we recommend to our clients. We also have technicians on standby and available on site or on call to give you the advice you need on any type of water pump you would like. Give us a try today.