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Suction Pipe

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Irrigation Water Pumps for Sale in Kenya
Irrigation Water Pumps for Sale in Kenya

Suction Pipe Prices

2 inch. Price Ksh 550 per meter
3 inch. Price Ksh 850 per meter
*** Cut in metres or sold in 30 metres rolls ***

2 inch x 30 metres - Ksh 13,500sh
3 inch x 30 metres - Ksh 23,000sh
4 inch x 30 metres - Ksh 39,500sh

Are you looking for suction pipes that move water from the ground via the pump to another location? Our company has a solution for you. Our company provides the best suction pipes.

Suction pipes are tubes that move fluids from one location to another. It generates a vacuum in order to draw the liquid into itself.

One of the components of the pump system is the suction pipe. It ensures that the pump system runs smoothly and efficiently.

The pipes distribute a constant flow of liquid to the pump suction with the appropriate pressure to avoid other types of damage.

Functions of a suction pipe

1. It improves the transportation of the displayed liquid.
2. It also contributes to the overall loss of friction of the system and determines its overall efficiency.
3. It is used in the transportation of raw materials in the food industries.
4. They are also used in chemical processing, like in chemical distribution, such as acids.
5. They are also used to remove water from the mines.
6. They are used in the extraction of power ducting.

There are different types of suction pipes available in our company. They include:

1. Polyvinylchloride suction Pipes - A PVC pipe has a high tensile strength spiral to ensure that the hose does not break under pressure.
2. Polyurethane suction pipe - PU pipes have more excellent elasticity and abrasion resistance than PVC pipes. These pipes are primarily used to transport gases.

These are some of the considerations a buyer should make when deciding on the size of the suction pipe. One of the factors is the substance to be transported, as well as the quantity.

Pipes with external diameters ranging from 25.6 to 172.4mm, as well as internal diameters ranging from 19 to 152mm, are available from our company.

It is recommended that you purchase suction pipes from our company because they are of high quality.