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Tiger Water Pumps Kenya

Tiger Water Pump in Kenya

Tiger Water Pump in Kenya<

Tiger cats are known to be very effective predators. They are competent in a wide range of skills like swimming and climbing and easily camouflage to their environment. When they get their prey, they kill quickly. The manufacturer of the Tiger water pumps must have borrowed so much from them besides just the name.

This is because Tiger water pumps are known for their efficiency to perform the functions they are intended for. Tiger water pumps have powerful and effective engines that deliver high power with minimal fuel use. Operators that want exceptional fuel efficiency with the right price go for the Tiger brand.

The Tiger WP30 diesel water pump is a favorite for many. The engine of this water pump produces 6.5HP of power and has a head of 25m. The inlet and outlet are both 3 inches wide giving this pump an enormous 1000l/min rated capacity. This is more impressive than most other pumps in this category can manage.

If you want a smaller capacity you can opt for the 2 inch WP20 Tiger water pump model. This is run by a 5.5HP engine with a flow rate capacity of 600l/min. Further, it has a head of 28m and suction head of 8 meters. These two Tiger water pumps are a favorite for many farmers in the country.

Tiger water pumps have a superior finish and are made of quality materials. You can therefore be sure that the pump can be used in any conditions locally. Besides, the Tiger brand is a common brand in Kenya with many dealers and suppliers available locally. This means that maintenance, repair and service is easy to get anywhere you might be in Kenya.

Tiger water pump price in Kenya

The Tiger water pump price in Kenya is the biggest worry that most Kenyans have when they want to purchase the Tiger brand. We understand that with a quality brand you are expected to pay more. However, with the tiger brand, you get great blend of quality at affordable prices.

Their products are highly affordable and cost way less than most of the brands that they compete with. But do not let this fool you because the manufacturer doesn't skimp on the features you need. To ensure the best prices for you, the manufacturer cuts costs in production and ensures a seamless supply chain process to get the products to you without raising the costs.

Tiger water pumps suppliers in Kenya

We are a renowned supplier of the Tiger brand of water pumps in the country. We are direct suppliers delivering the product to you right from the manufacturer and without engaging any third parties. As such, you are assured the best Tiger water pump price in Kenya when you purchase from us.

That is not all, when you buy from us you can be sure you are getting the real Tiger brand. There are many fake products coming up in the market masquerading as the Tiger brand. Do not fall prey for fakes. Contact us for more details.