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Solar Water Pumps Kenya

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Solar Water Pump Prices in Kenya

Model No. Maximum Head Outlet Solar Panels Max Flow Price
200W, 24V 25m 1.25" 1 x 340 W 3,000 L/HR Ksh 65,000
400W, 48V 47m 1.25" 2 x 340 W 3,500 L/HR Ksh 85,000
750W, 72V 95m 1.25" 3 x 340 W 3,500 L/HR Ksh 116,000
1300W, 150V 80m 1.25" 4 x 450 W 7000 L/HR Ksh 170,000
1500W, 110V 135m 1.25" 8 x 340 W 6000 L/HR Ksh 202,000
2200W, 300V 255m 1.25" 9 x 340 W 5200 L/HR Ksh 288,000
200W, 24V 25m 1.25" 1 x 340 W 3000 L/HR Ksh 67,000

Solar Water Pumps in Kenya

Solar water pumps are becoming a common sight with many people in the country and especially small scale farmers. A solar water pump, is a water pump that uses the energy from the sun as its source of fuel. These pumps are a modern invention that many big brands are adopting to meet the demands of their clients.

Advantages of using solar water pumps in Kenya

There are several benefits that come with investing in a solar water pump. Here are some of them;

Zero running costs – unlike diesel operating water pumps that require fuel refills to keep working, solar water pumps do not require any fuel. You only need to have the solar panels positioned at a place where they can catch maximum rays of sunlight and your water pump will work just fine. This means that you will not incur any running costs once you have bought a solar water pump. For small scale farmers and other small business this is a great advantage because it means they get more profits at the end of it all.

Save the environment – because they do not need fossil fuels to run, solar water pumps are environmental friendly. They do not add up to the daily rising carbon foot print that people the world over are struggling to reduce.

Easy to transport and relocate – solar pumps usually come in compact sizes that make it easy to relocate the pump when needed.

Low to zero maintenance – since they run on clean energy, solar water pumps are basically maintenance free. There are no filters to change, oil levels to stay aware of or even tanks to clean. For this reason, solar water pumps are ideal for use even by people of all walks of life and any education level.

They are most productive at the times of need – solar water pumps work great when it is sunny. This is also the time when most animals need water and people need more water. For irrigation, the pump will be filling the tank when it is sunny so the water can be used when needed or supplying directly as required.

They are ideal for remote areas – for people living in very remote areas where they do not have easy access to buy fuel, a solar water pump is an ideal investment. They are reliable because they will keep running provided the sun is shining – which is always.

Solar water pumps prices in Kenya

Solar water pumps prices in Kenya vary depending on the power and the flow rate of the pump you want. The higher the power, consequently the higher the price. However, it is important to note that solar water pumps are provide exceptional value for money.

Since they are low maintenance and require no fuel to run, the value of the investment is recouped quickly even if they might cost more upfront.

Is it time to invest in a solar water pump in Kenya? You are in luck because we supply quality solar water pumps in the country. All our pumps come with a leading warranty. Plus, we are pump experts and will assist you with installation and offer you any support you need post-purchase. Contact us today for more details or place your order for a solar water pump.